Is your conservatory too hot to enjoy during the summer? Do you notice the sun’s rays causing damage to your furniture and carpets, or perhaps suffering headaches from the intense glare? Maybe you’re aiming for a balance of privacy without losing the scenic view from your windows and conservatory or desiring a way to retain heat during colder months.

At Shade Custom Ltd, we understand the love for sunshine and recognise the potential harm it can cause to your comfort and home. This is why we offer residential window tinting services to protect you, your loved ones, and your home. Our home privacy window film installation service includes a range of professional-grade films such as frosted film, clear UV Protection Film, and various grades of tinted film.

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With their glass roofs and walls, conservatories provide a charming solution for enjoying the outdoors without leaving your home. However, they can sometimes feel like a greenhouse due to the intense sunlight they let in. This is where our residential window tinting services come into play.

Residential window tinting for conservatories allows you to enjoy the view without dealing with the sun’s glare and helps retain heat during colder months. Using professional window film on conservatory roofs and windows effectively reduces solar glare, protecting you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays. Plus, it helps prevent furniture fading, provides privacy during daylight hours, and enhances room temperature control.

Home privacy window film offers additional security for those seeking a safe residential window tinting solution.


At Shade Custom Ltd, our mission is to help you enjoy your home with our services. We are committed to ensuring your peace of mind with a 5-Star Money-Back Guarantee on all our residential window tinting installations. This guarantee assures that our films will not crack, fade, peel, or bubble for a decade.

Each residential window tinting installation comes packed with ‘tintastic’ benefits. It offers UV protection by blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays. It also significantly reduces heat and glare by blocking up to 78% of heat and 77% of the sun’s glare, making your home more comfortable.

One of the most significant advantages of our home privacy window film is that it keeps 100% of your view intact while creating privacy. Say goodbye to closed blinds and enjoy your beautiful views without compromise. Additionally, the window film provides safety and security by holding the glass together in case of an accident or attempted break-in.

Our safe residential window tinting service also helps protect your interiors. It reduces the fading of furniture, carpets, upholstery, wooden flooring, and artwork, thereby preserving the aesthetics of your home.

So, trust us with your residential tinting needs and reap the multitude of benefits we offer.

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Added Security

Experience the ultimate peace of mind with our safe residential window tinting service. Once securely bonded to your glass windows, our high-quality films act as a shield, holding together shattered pieces in case of breakage. This added security feature ensures protection for you, your pets, and your children, eliminating any hazards that loose shards might pose.

Our residential tinting expertise extends beyond just windows. We cater to various applications, perfect for patio doors, glass roofs, skylights, picture windows, home office windows, and porches. Moreover, the film we use is especially lauded for its application in conservatories, enhancing their aesthetic appeal while ensuring privacy and safety.

The home privacy window film we use not only amplifies the security of your home but also maintains the integrity of your view. You no longer need to worry about prying eyes or unsightly blinds. Trust us to deliver a secure, private, and aesthetically pleasing solution for your residential window tinting needs.


Minimises Sun Reflection

You don’t have to tolerate disruptive glare. There’s a perfect film solution to address this, whether it’s from the sun directly, snow reflections, water, or nearby structures.

Limits Colour Fading

Window films obstruct 99% of UV rays, acting as a sunscreen and reducing solar heat, thereby mitigating the causes of fading and safeguarding your precious items.

Boosts Aesthetics

A consistently smart appearance enhances the exterior aesthetics of your residence or building. Window film products can contribute to achieving this pleasing look.

Quick and Simple Installation

Professional fitting is swift and discreet. The process causes minimal interference with occupants’ daily routines, activities, or work schedules.

Enhances Safety

Broken glass poses a risk during accidents, vandalism, or due to environmental factors. The protection window films can be a practical safety measure, enhancing your sense of security.

Amplifies Privacy

Certain window films are engineered to ensure your privacy. They function during daylight, allowing you to enjoy natural light and views from your windows and doors while ensuring others can’t see into your space. Remember, curtains should be drawn when interior lights are on at night to preserve your privacy.

Reduces Heat

Our window film effectively manages the impact of solar energy. Our films can offer up to a 78% reduction in heat compared to untreated glass, helping you deal with summer heat and aiding in heat retention during winter.