Window tinting is one of our specialities. We cater for all types of window film installation, including tinted, frosted, Clear UV protection, privacy and heat reduction film at home and in the workplace.

Commercial window tinting helps creates an ambient cool and comfortable work space, reducing the work load on your air conditioning units and keeping your worker bees productive.

In addition, we can provide window tint to your private or commercial vehicle to protect your family and pets from harmful UV rays and reduce fading of your vehicle interiors. Not only this, but vehicle window film also adds an extra layer of security in case of an accident or attempted break-in.


Rest assured, here at Shade Custom Ltd we use some of the best window films on the market, including Llumar. This can allow us to offer up to a 10-year guarantee. You can find out more about Llumar films HERE.


Please see below some of the added benefits we can offer, but in any case should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our trained professionals will be more than happy to assist.


More on our benefits:

  • UV protection – Blocks 99% of UV Rays.
  • Blocks up to 78% of the heat.
  • Blocks up to 77% of the sun’s glare.
  • Can reduce heat by up to 80%.
  • KEEPS 100% OF YOUR VIEW while creating privacy ensuring you can enjoy the view instead of looking at cumbersome closed blinds.
  • Provides Safety and Security by holding the glass together in the event of an accident or attempted break-in.
  • Reduces fading to furniture, carpet, upholstery, wooden flooring & artwork.
  • Helps reduce heat loss in winter.
  • Increased privacy both daytime and 24 hour.
  • Unique look with a multitude of colours and tint levels.