Expert installation of innovative SmartFilm solutions.

Aesthetics Meet Functionality

Our switchable SmartFilm services offer you uncompromised clarity and functionality. Our solutions allow you to turn your window from pristine, clear glass to a stylish, opaque backdrop in seconds, lending supreme elegance, practicality and versatility.

Designed to adhere quickly to a wide range of transparent surfaces, the implementation of our SmartFilm solutions couldn’t be more straightforward. Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing window or give a new development a sleek, practical edge, SmartFilm is an efficient and affordable choice.

Unmatched Convenience

Once installed, you can take control of your SmartFilm through a wide range of methods. Use a remote, smartphone app or voice activation to make on-demand changes to the opacity. Alternatively, for a more hands-off approach, you can set up a timer, light sensor or motion detector, meaning SmartFilm is always ready when you need it.

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Harnessing the Power of Versatility

Whatever your requirements, our switchable SmartFilm services are here to help. From natural light adjustment to blocking UV and infrared rays to improved security, the self-adhesive film can enhance your company’s workspace. Featuring a visible light transmission of 82% while still blocking 99% of UV rays, it’s the perfect way to balance aesthetics, practicality and safety in your business

SmartFilm is available up to a maximum height of 6 metres, while thicknesses up to and including 12mm+12mm are supported. This means that whatever the size or shape of the window in question, our solutions will be able to add another level of practicality and style.

How Does it Work?

SmartFilm comprises a sandwich structure. A Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film is placed between two layers of glass and is integrated using high-temperature and high-pressure bonding. This means that durability and reliability aren’t compromised at any stage.

In terms of power, all of our SmartFilm solutions operate off mains electricity. All that’s needed to turn your office into a spacious, sleek and modern workspace is a regular power outlet. Our staff will demonstrate how to connect your SmartFilm window to the mains using a low-voltage transformer that ensures low running costs.

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Expert Installation with Shade Custom

When you partner with Shade Custom, you can be confident of an impeccable installation service. Our team of dedicated engineers ensures a smooth application process through their years of experience.

Our confidence in our customer satisfaction is reflected in a 5-star guarantee. From the initial consultation to final installation and ongoing care, we stand by our clients to ensure that each aspect of the service meets and exceeds your expectations.